About DisRup


DisRup is a company that sells 100% organic, flexible packaging, substitutes for plastic. We are located in Costa Rica, have export capacity to multiple regions, and provide expert advice in English and Spanish to purchase organic, flexible packaging. DisRup is in the process of obtaining its international ISO 14001:2015 certification and complies with the Best Business Practices and comprehensive customer care.

Through assorted products and techniques used in DisRup, we offer our customers a serious, reliable, and structured alternative to be able to use prospecting tools and approach prospects more agile than the usual market. This shortens the business cycle of a business for its completion to sale or the production of higher profitability.

At DisRup, we focus on delivering comprehensive solutions to our customers, generating a safe and reliable space to achieve their goals.

Mission, Vision, and Values


Brindar a nuestros clientes productos y servicios modernos, prácticos y versátiles, adecuados con la realidad imperante. 


To become the most reliable and prestigious marketer of products and services in Latin America, resolving the requirements of our clients creatively and adequately.


Respect-Honesty-Vocation of service